About House Karm

We Are The Lock



Vendetta marks the history of Karm, from its unpleasant history with Osric up until the present day. The Karm temper is a thing of legend, given to a long, slow burn.


Despite being one of the great houses of Amber, Karm's reputation is surprisingly pedestrian. Their holdings and dealing involve foundries, mines and the mundane ends of construction and craft. Where other houses offer patronage to artists and performers, Karm offers patronage to craftsmen, engineers and chemists. Even the house's dabblings in Alchemy are surprisingly pragmatic.


All this practicality is the wrapper around a core duty. Karm has been entrusted to making sure certain seals never break and certain doors never open. Ultimately, everything they do is in service to this grand duty, and while they do not advertise it, they have the knowledge and capability to perform their duties quite well.

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