Lady Catriona was born in the highlands of Lyonesse, specifically Cuchlia. Her parents moved her to Amber shortly after childhood where she joined the Order of Clarity and then went off travelling for a time. Upon her return, the Lady rejoined the Order and led several investigations for the Crown.
Tragedy struck when she learned that the home of her birth, Cuchlia, had been overrun by the evil chaos minions of Lord Mordred, who murdered the current Count. With the aid of Lord Jacen and Lord Taran, and forces supplied by Prince Jaymesin, the Lady led an attack on Castle Cuchlia to reclaim the land. Thanks in large part to the brave men who helped her, Cuchlia was reclaimed and Catriona pronounced Countess.
Some time after, the young Karm suffered another loss, this time in the form of her beloved kinsman and mentor, Lord Lucius, Seneschal of Karm. The man was lost to a Nameless creature of Chaos and the House left without a leader. In what may very well have been a grave error, Catriona was proclaimed Duchess of Karm and has ruled as such since then, doing her best to guide the House and restore it to the glory of old.
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