Seneschal of Karm
Knight of the Order of the Golden Shield
Major in the Prince Marshal's Bodyguard
Proprietress of the Gilded Steel Smithy, patroned by both Karm and the Crown of Amber.
Marquessa of Dragonspire Pass
Fire Giant
Little sister to Eis.

Cyndre's collected quite a few titles and designations since her humble beginnings in Amber when the Black Road War was upon the fair city. During her military and professional career she's distinguished herself both on the field of battle and in the craftsmanship she displays in her smithy. Always willing to help a friend, she seeks to be a light in the dark for any in need and takes her role and training as a guardian very seriously. She's openly proud of her accomplishments without being arrogant, and plainly states it's all to honor those who have helped her along through the years. Her family, her friends, her mentor, her House, her nation.

Most recently, she formalized her gratitude for Karm by pledging her service to the House as a Bondsman, and in a rather unusual move it wasn't long after that she was appointed Seneschal of the House. She takes this duty seriously, and is currently working for the betterment of Karm and its members.

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