Forgotten Doors

The Setup

Graham - a son of Corwin and no kin to Karm - approached Gilgamesh to learn about Gates. He takes Gilgamesh into shadow where a rather classic villain's castle exists, and reveals to Gilgamesh a shaped gate found within; Graham had stumbled onto it years previously upon a triumphant battle with an old witch up to no good.

After a quick foray to a forgotten temple room on the other side, a seal of Karm creation was found.

Established Facts

The Castle

  • There was once an old witch living here. It's on a precipice, and there is a room built on the side of the castle that hangs over a deep ravine. There is a doorway in that room that would lead to a long fall, if it wasn't for the gate glowing in it.
  • There is an 'entity of some power' sleeping in the basement. It doesn't like to be awakened.
  • The gate leads to multiple places.

The temple

  • The gate is in the center of one wall.
  • The room is so large that the light from the gate does not reach any of the other three walls. There are lots of ppillars.
  • There is a mural or multiple murals on the walls.
  • At the end opposite the gate is an exit, an altar, and a seal of Karm making.

The prison

  • Humans were imprisoned here.
  • The jailors were lizard men - they look like someone stretched lizard skin over bones with a demon's head. They have glowing violet eyes and wield swords that are amalgams of bone and steel. The swords drip some kind of ichor.
  • Something here can let loose great bolts of violet lightning.
  • Electrical inventions such as lights and motor controlled locks exist here.
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