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Re: The Reliquary
AneirinAneirin 17 Nov 2012 18:18
in discussion OOC Forum / Idea Corner » The Reliquary

I really want to see/hear more about this potential acquisitions group, has anyone make progress on the matter since the original post?

Re: The Reliquary by AneirinAneirin, 17 Nov 2012 18:18
Re: The Reliquary
AneirinAneirin 10 Nov 2012 02:03
in discussion OOC Forum / Idea Corner » The Reliquary

(a) My concept is pretty much tailor-made for this.

(b) Still need a librarian? It's going to be part of my build.

Re: The Reliquary by AneirinAneirin, 10 Nov 2012 02:03

How's this look, folks?

Karm Gifts - reader's digest version

Gates in a nutshell
Gates come in several varieties, but at least one end will be attached to a doorway, a large gateway device, or something of the sort. In the case of the Portafada, short-lived gates can be created for purposes of drama, but will have to be in a solid structure capable of bearing a door - a wall or a cliff face, for example.
Players cannot create short-lived gates…the skills used for long-term gate construction take quite some time and may be used as a plot hook, but any gate project started will not be finished in the run of the MUSH.

* Those signet ring things, and variations thereof (need not be a ring, can be on the pommel of a blade or worked into a glove, for example). (GAT-SK defines the form and function of the signet). These are typically involved in temporary effects (e.g. while the signet remains in contact with something…such as pressing to the floor to form a protective circle or punching a water god in the jaw.). GAT-WK (bonus using Seal) refers to this.
* The magical wax seals you put on other things (see: ILL-KS). When gifts refer to seals on things, this is what they are talking about. The Karm Lock (ILL-KL) is a variation on this (although wax is not explicitly mentioned in the gift description, it is likely involved in lock creation).

The Great Seal of Karm
Application of ILL-KS. Turn a everburning candle into a waxen coin the size of a dinner plate. It is a more robust, resilient version of the normal ILL-KS seal.

An everburning candle of Karm can be melted into a Great Seal of Karm and placed on a container or portal to reinforce it and to seal it shut. A creature locked within cannot normally exercise magics that effect the container or anything external to the container. However, sufficiently powerful creatures (including PCs) can break the seal, given enough time (See: Caine: Lamp post outside of White's.). Like any good binding, a seal is absolute. This means it cannot be detached without destroying it, and when they break, they do so completely.

Sanction of Karm:
A variation on the Great Seal of Karm, used to seal a world away as if it never existed when gate collapse is imminent. Such seals are placed on a physical portal (gate, doorway), or place of egress that is defined to be the Exit (provided it's at least a metaphorical portal, like the Temple of Doors, a teleportation platform, etc), and locked to a specific key, which is typically a relatively small object, and portable. This event is not done lightly; practioners trained in this responsibility are encouraged to use it as a last reasonable resort.

Undoing the seal undoes the Sanction entirely; there is no half-way. However, occasionally, circumstances demand intervention on a previously Sanctioned world; the risk of that intervention is letting potentially unknown horrors loose, or allowing a Shadow Collapse event to occur. As with seals, Sanctions cannot be simply patched.

Everburning Candles
Specialty candles made from specially prepared wax that incorporates a drop of the user's blood; they have various minor powers indicated within individual gifts. Part of the training involved is how the practioner can prepare his or her own wax.

A skilled Illuminatum of Karm can use the light cast by an everburning candle to various effects. Some of these effects are 'warding' effects. These effects are generally absolute for some narrow criterion, and often require a sample of the thing to be warded against to burn in the candle's flame. Warding candles themselves are typically not left unattended, as they may be extinguished by outside forces or accidents. For such occasions, a more durable housing is sometimes used. (ILL-SC).

Karm Gifts for Newbies by Mickey FinnMickey Finn, 05 Sep 2012 14:38

…But if we can't blow up the Manse, how can we advance our understanding??

Really though, yes, organizing the lab is part of this. Cecilia and I both come from a University background, and so when I hear "lab" I immediately think of protocols and who has access and what is used for what and lab hierarchies and so on. :P

Re: Alchemists! by Cecilia KarmCecilia Karm, 28 Aug 2012 22:16
Re: Alchemists!
Mickey FinnMickey Finn 28 Aug 2012 22:14
in discussion OOC Forum / Idea Corner » Alchemists!

Both? :)

Convo on the MUSH:
Cecilia pages: OH.
Cecilia pages: Oh.
Cecilia pages: The lab.
You paged Cecilia with 'Can Ceci see it?'.
Cecilia pages: The lab? Yes. She's down there all the time. :P
Cecilia pages: I was just thinking of organizing it somehow.
You paged Cecilia with 'Preferably all in one place. Not all over the landscape.'.
From afar, Cecilia grins.



Alchemy, not blowing up the Manse.

Re: Alchemists! by Mickey FinnMickey Finn, 28 Aug 2012 22:14
Cecilia KarmCecilia Karm 28 Aug 2012 21:48
in discussion OOC Forum / Idea Corner » Alchemists!

So… I know I'm the only active Karm alchemist right now, but if anyone is interested in learning alchemy I'd be glad to help teach people. Also, does the House need any sort of "official" anything regarding alchemists, or should that be more of a profession that overlaps other groups?

Alchemists! by Cecilia KarmCecilia Karm, 28 Aug 2012 21:48

Huzzah for Curator! I had the thought of having an acqusitions group… people that go and hunt down items or creatures that Karm should lock away, Warehouse 13-ish. Obviously this isn't the only thing the Reliquary could do… investigating Karm history is good, too, investigating the Reliquary.

Do we have a librarian at all?

Re: The Reliquary by Cecilia KarmCecilia Karm, 28 Aug 2012 20:31
The Warders
Mickey FinnMickey Finn 28 Aug 2012 19:53
in discussion OOC Forum / Idea Corner » The Warders

Gil Here.

Reid is heading up this Karm faction, and has recently been made aware of this IC, much to his surprise.

The Warders by Mickey FinnMickey Finn, 28 Aug 2012 19:53
The Reliquary
Mickey FinnMickey Finn 28 Aug 2012 19:52
in discussion OOC Forum / Idea Corner » The Reliquary

Gil, here.
Ceci will be taking the mantle of the Curator, although she doesn't know this IC as of this posting.

The Reliquary by Mickey FinnMickey Finn, 28 Aug 2012 19:52
ReavusReavus 06 Apr 2009 03:19
in discussion IC Forums / Events » Cibola!

There will be gate-related insanity in Cibola. I am sending +mails out. Those I miss, drop me a line. I am thinking the evening of April 10th, around 6ish EST or something.

Cibola! by ReavusReavus, 06 Apr 2009 03:19

I have a concept outline at the moment that I am working on refining as a streamlined proposal. The intent is to try and flesh out Karm into something three dimensional, and comprehensive while moving away from the flat and simplistic: "We're the guys that do stuff with gates and stuff" sort of vagueness.

Re: Let's get the Ball rolling. by ReavusReavus, 26 Mar 2009 00:18

It seems with spring coming on, it is the perfect time to flesh some things out and slough off the ennui and get back to work. Lucius has beat me to the punch after an engaging conversation and as we discussed the matter, we wanted to get more involved.

Share your thoughts on what you would like to see for Karm. Avenues that may be interesting to travel and the likes. There's some ideas that have already been submitted, and we encourage everyone to send their thoughts.

You are welcome to post, mail or even +mail them through the game. Lucius has been collecting all this information cause he is just too awesome. So please, dig in and share. :)


Let's get the Ball rolling. by ShotzieShotzie, 25 Mar 2009 22:29
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