What is a Gatekeeper?

The information that surrounds Gates and their implementation so vast. Some state that it could take years to craft even a simple one. Where as there are creatures out within shadow that can do this at a moment's desire. Because of this, there must be those who are vigilant against any wayward Gates.

There are often times that this will cross over into the Witchhunters, but these are individuals that are specially trained in sealing these gateways. They have been affectionately called the 'locksmiths', though this is not a formal title. Their duties can also include sabotage, assassination and whatever else may be required to safeguard Amber and House Karm.

Warders are finely trained and specialized Gatekeepers. They have been trained in all forms of Gates as well as the variant forms of Seals. Their seals have been said to be more powerful than the standard seals.

These are formal positions within and recognized by the House. If you have any questions, please refer to your PropCo.


  • Gilgamesh, with a specialty in dealing with creature incursions from wayward or long-sealed gates. As such, he has often worked with Witchhunters. It is rumored he has the ability to seal an entire shadow in his wake.

** Warders**

Unofficial or in Training

  • Adrianna - trained Gatekeeper, but performing in an unofficial capacity at present
  • Tama - student in training.
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