Full Name: Gilgamesh Jackson Karm
Location: Gilgamesh's Room - House Karm
Orgs: Alhambra House Karm Weir
Awards: None
Trouble: I'm looking for trouble. Page me first, though, just to be sure.

Big guy, but that's likely due to being Gerard's son. Story goes that after Gerard wrestled a river back into position to cure a drought in Tanus, the resulting celebration produced a bouncing baby Gilgamesh.
Gate Keeper, monster hunter, flirt, straight talker.

Roleplay Hooks
Karm, gates, monster-hunter, Adventure Club, Minos, firearms, royals, Emma, candles

Raphaela seems utterly confused "Your love life is more complicated than mine."
Gilgamesh says, "People keep saying that."

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