Karm possesses many properties and lands. In some cases, it is influential over entire shadows.


The seat of Karm lies within Amber City. House Karm is the epicenter of House dealings, and lies as their lynchpin. Karm owns some businesses within Amber - namely those associated with craft, construction, smelting, and some specialized shipping. Karm's business in Amber has more to do with its dealings in patronage than ownership.

Devonsbridge is a portion of land granted to Karm by King Oberon. It lies west of Amber City, and has been left in disuse for some time. There are rumours of it being revived once more.


Karm holds a country manor and the Mines of Vr'Ralia within the bounds of the Forest Arden. These are usually overseen by whoever controls the Manor of Hasp in Arden (Current: Catriona). Karm does not claim ownership of the watchtowers of Eastgate, but its magic and engineering acumen were lent to their construction.


It is rumoured that Karm possesses some questionable mining rights within Cibola.


Karm's most impressive holdings are within shadow. The Bulwark is whispered as one. The City of Doors is also mentioned, but with less certainty.

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