House Karm


The hierarchy of House Karm is fairly spartan in comparison to other noble houses. While blood and title carry great weight within House Karm's walls, so does merit and achievement. Those who have served the House dutifully are often accorded with an appropriate status. As all Great Houses, the font of its power comes from its Duke and Duchess. After that, the secondmost authority of the House lies with its Seneschal. The lines of authority tend to blur after that point, and change depending on favor, status, achievement, title, and a myriad of other factors.

Duke and Duchess

Bound by blood to the line of Karm's founder, the Duke or Duchess of House Karm is considered its foremost authority. Sex is irrelevant to the role. Karm has been ruled by Duchess and Duke alike. The most important factor is the blood. Karm's history, power, and authority all stem from the blood. Often the Duke or Duchess will appoint House members to special positions, often temporary, as they see fit. The final authority of House Karm is here.


The daily affairs of the House are handled by the Seneschal. This position is second only to the Duke and Duchess. In times when the Duke or Duchess are unavailable, the Seneschal acts in their stead.

Captain of the Guard

Being captain of the guard in House Karm is more than mere busywork. The security of the House is taken very seriously, and those appointed by the Duchy to this position are carefully considered. The House guard are a significant component of the military wing of the House - the so-called Grey Guard. They are named such as they stand between the darkness and the light - protecting Amber from the horrors Karm is charged to seal away. While there are more military wings of the Grey Guard, their image comes mainly from their presence at House Karm - and the Captain of the Guard is the most prestigious position a Grey Guard may aspire to.


The Preservers are named after their oaths to preserve Amber from harm. They are mainly composed of Gatekeepers, Illuminators, Witchhunters, and Warders. These are the lifeblood of House Karm. They perform its Duty, first and foremost.


Trustees care for the mundane tasks of House Karm. These members oversee its financial works, crafting, engineering, and patronage. If the Preservers are the bricks that keep the House strong, the Trustees are the mortar which binds and keeps it standing. The wealth of House Karm is immense; its projects and investments across the Golden Circle involve a great deal of work and coordination.

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