What are the Illuminators?

The Illuminators are the scholars of Karm. They record the history of Karm, Amber, and Shadow. Many secrets are locked away within the guarded pages of the Illuminators. They maintain knowledge, some dangerous, some helpful. They are by far the most traditionally academic branch of House Karm, and in this they serve many roles.

These librarians are broken down into three tiers or circles:

The first are simple accountants and bookkeepers. They help to maintain the records of not only the manor, but also to encompass their many holdings. These duties can, and often carry over into the second circle. Here they maintain the overall records of the mines, foundries, and maintaining the libraries. First and second tier are also known as Librarians. The third circle is known as the Trustees. They are employed with teachings as well as cataloging the lesser known treasures. The Lead Trustee is often times an advisor to The Duchy.

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