Volva Laila of Kitezh: Dreamwalker and Healer


Laila has aligned herself with the House of Karm. She was originally brought into the House by her relationship with Felix Karm, which has since ended, sometimes amicably, and at others tensely.

Frequently these days she's seen in the gardens of the House, tending to the plants, playing in the dirt, or talking to strange animals that appear.

It's well known that the Volva is both a dreamwalker, as well as a healer, but less well known is her ability to foretell the future.


Divination Methods:
* astrology
* augury
* cartomancy
* cheiromancy/palmistry
* chronomancy
* gastromancy
* hydromancy
* extispicy
* numerology
* oneiromancy
* onomancy
* rhabdomancy
* runecasting
* scrying

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