Full Name:

Lilith Selene Karm

Where does she come from?

Lilith, is a Karm witch from Weirmonken. At least, that is a title that she holds. Her father is Frederick, and her mother is Maira. Lilith is a creature of wanderlust. At times dubbed a woman of mystery, she embodies many of the Karm qualities as well as tempered with the harsh environs of Weirmonken.

Who is she?

She is the Duchess of House Karm. Though she tries to see that happiness abounds with her family, there are times she is put to task to the harder decisions. No one ever said that life was easy, especially for the young woman.

Who is her family?

Wyatt is her half brother through their father Frederick. She has looked to Vosah as her teacher and mentor and later would take the reins of the family from him. Today she still turns to the man for advice and friendship when the winds are right, and the two can find time to speak.

What does she hope to accomplish?

She would wish to see the might and power of House Karm grow. That each of their family members find their chosen path and find happiness. She will still negotiate and haggle for the best arrangements for her House.


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