Lucius is nearly two centuries of age, and carries the titles of Warder and Lord of Karm. He has recently retired from service in Amber's military as a cavalry officer. He was knighted by King Julian, but since Benedict's rise to power his position within Amber is unclear. Lucius' public protestations of Benedict's adoption of the crown, however, are perfectly clear.

Lucius is the nephew of Sandor and son of Aspiro Karm, a minor nobleman within the house, whose small fame was found by unearthing sunken archeological treasures within Lyonesse(also home to Lucius's mother). His brothers, Sepro and Munde, have followed in their late father's footsteps, traipsing off to Lyonesse to continue the preservation of sunken sites within those dangerous waters. Lucius' mother, Angelica, resides in that land along with them. However, Lucius took quite a different path than his immediate family. For him, it was a military life: one of daring and bravery! The 4th Regiment of Light Cavalry, the Blue Hussars, was home to Lucius for decades.

The nobleman's reputation is for chivalry and propriety. In battle, he is said to be as fearless as he is foolhardy. Several instances during recent years have seen Lucius grievously injured. The blood of Karm serves him well.

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