The Commander-In-Chief is responsible for overseeing any major forces Karm sets into the field. At the moment, this includes the ‘Blue Hussars’ 4th Regiment of Light Cavalry, and little else of note. In the future, it may expand, but in general Karm is less interested in brute military force than in precise and quiet operations.

Captain of the Guard – Captain Rufus Innogen III

The Greyguard are overseen by the Captain of the Guard. To be selected to join the Greyguards is an honor within Karm – though without, they are not well understood. First and foremost, they are responsible for protecting relics, vaults and gates in the name of Karm. Members of these details are specially selected for their fortitude and their dedication. It is not an easy task for a man-at-arms to stand idly for days, weeks, months, years, and still take his duty to heart. Secondly, the Greyguard often accompanies missions into shadow, to retrieve relics, individuals, to capture monstrosities and to escort the like back to Amber to be sealed away for eternity. These are often employed with Witchhunters and Gatekeepers. Thirdly, the purpose of the Greyguard is that of guarding the Duchess/Duke and the House. Occasionally, a guard detail will be assigned to other members of the house also. These people can also cross over to many facets of the family, and some have been been claimed as Trustees as well as librarians.

The ranks of Lieutenant, Sergeant, Corporal and Private are used within the numbers of the Greyguard. Promotions must be approved by the Office of the Duchy.


This is a specialized force that has been employed under the Greyguard. These are Gatekeepers that are often assigned to private duties that may or may not be disclosed at the discretion of the Duchy.

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