Karm's Most Wanted

House Karm has been going through a bit of reorganization in recent years, recognizing that the current structure may be a bit out-dated given the particulars of modern times. Due to this, and current plots brewing, the following concepts are wanted:

The following concepts are the most open to a broad range of character skills, as they provide the house with talent it may not otherwise have access to, while giving people not of Karm blood access to Karm secrets.

  • Trusted - People who have had a long-standing connection to House Karm, but are not sworn to it and are not part of its formal structure. Karm has begun to recognize their friends formally, and rumor has it they may have an inside track on some of the House secrets. Existing and new players/characters are welcome to inquire.
  • Bondsmen - People who are sworn to the House, and become part of its formal structure complete with a job to do!
  • Knights - People Sworn to the House and have gained enough distinction to be honored with a title. While this doesn't have to be a combat concept, they generally are; other possibilities include someone very, very good at a needed skill.
  • Reclaimers - This is a new role, and open to anyone connected to Karm who is also at least Trusted. Reclaimers who are not part of the formal structure of the House (bondsman or above) can expect some sort of recompense for their assistance such as money, favors, or even mystical items! Their duty is to seek out lost lore, holdings, and artifacts that the House once possessed, and return them to Karm.
  • Warders - More to Come
  • Witchhunters - More to Come
  • Gatekeepers - More to Come
  • Grey Guard - More to Come

These are specific concepts that Karm has need of for plot reasons. Any requirements will be included in their entry.

  • Rebman/Karm blooded - Karm is in need of someone who is of mixed heritage of both Rebman and Karm descent, to take over management of Lands recently acquired for acts of Valor and Karm's own generosity in assisting Rebma. The goal will be to foster relations with Rebma, as well as build up lands and tributes for the formation of a vassal House to Karm under Rebma's monarchy. This will serve as a hook Karm to expand their operations into the undersea kingdoms for the better protection of Amber and all that is.


  • Rebman and Karm blooded willing to enter into political marriage: Existing characters are welcome to apply to this, but must be willing to enter into political marriage for the express purpose of producing an Heir, and otherwise function as above. When the Heir comes of age, they will ascend to control of the newly formed House and the parents may (depending on the specific agreement reached) return to their previous lives… But, in reality, you're in it for the long haul.

These are concepts on the back burner for now, for various reasons explained in the entry.

  • Frederick - Father to Lilith and Wyatt. These two are somewhat inactive these days. We'd be happy to have a Frederick, but ask first before going for this role.
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