Of Kings And Men

Solarium House Karm

A small stream winds its way through a tropical ecosystem. Leafy branches of thick-trunked trees stretch up to the skylights and drip sturdy vines. Orchids, ferns, fruit trees, and colorful flowers fight for space upon small, mossy hillocks. Flitting through the branches is a variety of brightly plumed birds, and it is not surprising to see the golden scales of snakes and lizards glide past along the vine network. Small seating areas have been carved out by golden travertine stone, each one more intimate than the next and all resting beneath brightly painted canvas canopies. At night there are only lanterns and small phosphorescent creatures to light the shadows.

There are doors at the cardinal points of the room. The north leading out into the gardens; the south out to the long gallery. In the west, the entrance to the lady's sun room, and in the east a door to the smoking parlor.

Lilith is taking a break, mostly from her earlier studies. She's still some parchments and a glass of wine. What a delicate balance to try and juggle all three, but she manages well.

Felix comes in and walks over to to Lilith. "So I met Viktor a little bit ago. Want to know something? He's more arrogant than I am. Want to know something else? This is all about him keeping my son away from Amber. Want to know another thing? I'm going to kill Viktor."

Lilith rests her hand in the book, looking up to Felix's arrival. Her expression impassive. "You're not killing anyone," she notes first off. "And why did you speak to him. Felix? Did I not say that I would handle the matter? You've a child to lose, but my brother stands to lose a would-be wife. Do you truly feel it wise to fight his battles?"

Felix stops and looks right at Lilith. "His battles? You can't possibly be serious. And I didn't do anything but go visit Laila. Viktor came in and insulted me while claiming I insulted him. And you know what he said? He said I had no claim to my own son!"

"Currently, you don't," states Lilith calmly. "You've completely disregarded their customs, Felix. Their culture is different than our own. But let me pass an old adage on, you get more flies with honey. What happened tonight, for you may have damaged my own trip and the King my now decline to speak with me." She points to a bench. "Start to finish, what happened?"

Felix glowers at Lilith but doesn't sit. "What happened? I went to the fortress to see Laila. I relinquished my weapons for obvious reasons, then went in and sat down behind Laila while she did what she does. I did not disturb her. Viktor came in and most bowed to him. I bowed my head to him, respectfully, and then he proceeded to ask who I was. Laila told him and he said I have no claim to my own son. He's my son, I have every claim to him over Viktor. We minced words, he called me arrogant and I called him it right back. Then he threw me out." He clenches his fist. "It is my son, I have claim to him before anyone else, except for Laila."

Lilith takes a deep breath, closing her eyes. "So you in essence, negated my reason for going, Felix," she states calmly. "You insulted a /king/ to his face, and behaved poorly. You should have bowed with due respect.. not your head, but your body. He -does- outrank you." She reaches up to draw a hairpin free, twisting it between her fingers. "Secondly what business have you going to see Laila? Why were you not home tending to the woman who you wish to be your wife, but instead implying a relationship with your former lover. The king had every right to be upset, Felix. You not only disrespected him, but you in turn, openly insulted him. How did you feel that this would go well? Why did you not merely excuse yourself and allow me, who has taken on the role of her guardian, to act for her interests. This is why you have to stop and pay attention, Felix. Your actions may have costed Laila, not only you. Had you claimed the child, why did you not -ask- what could be done?" She shakes her head and pinches the bridge of her nose. "You do realize that I will have not only an uphill battle now, but I will have to bear your insults and apologize for them. What say you to this?"

"That you're weak and you insult me," Felix says as he turns away from Lilith. "If you have to ask why I would visit the woman who carries my son then you did not listen before. I'm going to go talk to someone who will be proactive about helping me."

"You implied a romantic interest by not sitting at a respectful distance," note Lilith, dangerously calm. "And before you go storming off, I will remind you that your happiness and standing within Karm are called into question. With one selfish act, you could have caused a war between Amber and Kitezh. Do you realize that? Do you even care? All for a bastard child, without care for what your actions may have done to Laila? Selfish. Now you wish to storm off cause I point out that you -have- done serious damage, and care less… again, Selfish. So answer this question, Felix before you take another step. What amends do you plan on paying?"

"Fuck you, Lilith," Felix calls over his shoulder. This is new for Felix. For all his angry tirades he doesn't ever curse at anyone. "Fuck you and your fucking Karm. And fuck you for calling my son a bastard. I've had it with you. You sit here and Karm this and Karm that. Well you know what, sometimes there are more important things than Karm. Now good bye." And he storms off.

Lilith watches Felix leave, and motions a servant. “Bring me paper and pen. I believe there's a few matters to attend.” Strangely calm, she puts her book away. It seems that life is conspiring for grand adventures to be further put off.

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