People of Karm

These are the people of, for, with, and against Karm. Active or inactive, for better or worse, they have enriched our play and helped write some awesome stories. For all that and more, we thank them.

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Professora Adellaine Eliska Karm is a field researcher specializing in anthropology. She is a known practioner of Illumin candle-magic, a fact that she claims has aided her quite well in surviving her explorations and has been fundamental in writing new books for the Chantris library. She's a bit of an odd fruit on the Solaris family tree, as her temperment was not bent in a military fashion. She has taken up the Solaris tradition of music, however, her own weapon of choice being the violin.
Adrianna is the daughter of Duke Marcello of Paloma and Alejandra Karm, and half-sister to Rose. In Montevalno, she is known as a charming socialite, a fantastic artist, and a courtesan of the highest repute. In Amber, she is remembered for her part in battling the Bugs during the infestation, and her skills as a gatekeeper. Some whisper the title Phoenix in her wake, as if it is a title, a thing of beauty and fear. Some whisper it about other House members. Opinions appear to be divided.
Alasdair is a son of Fiona and the former Duke Bannon of House Karm, now deceased. He's young by Amberite standards, only a few dozen years over two hundred. He's a tinkerer and trickster, and constantly seeks new and exciting things to do to amuse himself, believing that boredom is perhaps a fate worse than death and needs to be alleviated through any means necessary.
Alexis Karm, or alternately Hana bin Aisha-din ibn Nidh'aal al-Misri Sahal-din or better still, simply Alex, is largely unknown around Amber but well known around Alhambra. Rumor has it her Mother is an Djinn. It's also spoken that she's recently run off on a marriage to a well known Alhambran. Whatever's the truth, the girl claims to be Karm and a close cousin to Catriona.
Elizabetta "Bunty" Mordecai is from Begma, daughter to Adellaine. She is the Warden of the Hasp.
Former Duchess of Karm. Abducted by Portafada, then mysteriously escaped/released from captivity with amnesia and a mystical anomoly. Recovering, still no memories of the past.
Most would call this on-again, off-again resident of Amber a glorified diplomatic courier at best, although there doesn't seem to be any other offical representative of Cibola to be found. He may be a Karm cousin, too, though there doesn't seem to be a lot of bragging about that fact anywhere, by anyone. When he last left Amber a few years ago, he didn't have that eyepatch, and didn't dress so… Cibolan. Rumor had it that he was recalled, under some sort of shady cloud.
A Custos that lost her Ward while fighting the Black Road as a member of the Black Dragons. She was believed to have fallen in battle as well, but was found to be very much alive in a Shadow named Fastrada. And, interestingly, very much the daughter of Vosah Karm.
The Iron Duke of Karm. Big guy, but that's likely due to being Gerard's son. Story goes that after Gerard wrestled a river back into position to cure a drought in Tanus, the resulting celebration produced a bouncing baby Gilgamesh. Prince of the Realm, ex-Commander of the Hounds, Karm Gate Keeper, monster hunter, flirt, straight talker. Friend to Weirmonken and Minos through his father, and Kitzeh through his daughter Alexandra (through a Kitzeh goddess). Has not been killed in a duel with Emma, yet.
A son of Lyonesse and Amber - Lucius is dedicated to the Eternal City, and House Karm. Known for his skill in Warding, as a Knight of Prince Caine, and former Seneschal of Karm. Most recently eaten and/or possessed by a big nasty monster that somehow got loose. (for a given value of recent)
Moriah comes from out in Shadow. She's blooded to Karm through her mother, but isn't familiar with the House or its heritage. She intends to fix that, by studying the Karm magics as well as the Duty. She is more acquainted with warfare, having apparently spent some time in the shadow army, and to continue her experience she's purchased a Marine Captain's commission in the Southern Fleet. She is currently attached to Admiral Caine's flagship, the Hand of Chaos.
Pascal Solaris, only son of Lord Luitger Solaris and Lady Sophia Karm, and nephew to Beatrice Solaris. Pascal worked for several years in the Amber Navy as a scout, then as a scholar, specializing in archaeology and anthropology. Now tends to spend more time working as a librarian for House Chantris, or generally assisting his family, and has a few ties in Lyonesse. Pascal is not as closely tied to his Karm hertiage as he is to his father's house, Solaris, but knows enough of the House. Meeting with relatives on this side of the family is always good, and building closer ties with his mother's family is as well.
Peter Karm holds -or rather held- renown as a master craftsman in Minos and thrived under Commodore Deadeye I. The two were reportedly friends as well. Events that seemingly started with or around the Commodore's death have sent the respectable Peter spiraling in paths of disrepute. Today, he's known as "Stinky Pete," and he serves as cook aboard Kestrel's ship.
A reclaimer, fledgling gatekeeper, and liberator of shiny objects that interest her.
A middle-aged relation of House Karm, Roger is a fellow of vast girth and equally vast appetite for strong drink. Despite this, he claims (often at great length) to have been a mighty warrior in his long-vanished youth, and is prone to tedious recitations of both his own deeds and those performed by his now-vanished contemporaries.
A Karmite craftswoman, researcher and engineer, Roxana was born in Alhambra and has spent a significant amount of time there, but has been to many and various places.
Karm Witch-hunter, Gate-Keeper, Tattoo Artist. He also happens to be Duke of Mandrake, via marriage to Celeste d'Mandrake.
Vasily Stansfield Karm is the son of Evgeniya Oksana Karm and a grandson of Vosannah and Antonio. There are rumors about his father being from Begma, especially since he spent his educational years in that land. His known interests are cooking and chemistry, and he fancies himself as a bit of an adventurer chef. Beneath all that, he is still a son of Karm and Amber, and having recently returned from his culinary walkabout, he is determined to prove his worth.
Vosah Karm is part of a bloodline meant to stabilize relations between the crown of Amber, House Karm of Amber, and relations with Pathi after the falling out with Clarissa's divorce from Oberon. The son of Vosannah Karm and Whiteshane Alexander, Vosah received a classical education in Pathi, including a brief stint in the Custos academy before he was thrown out, while holding none of the traditional trappings that come from position in the isolated shadow. Karm was always his title and his full blood, and Amber always his ultimate allegience.
Walter came out of Sukho, bringing with him the darker skin and unfamiliar hairstyles of his mother's homeland. His father was a Karm, his mother a Sukho native, and he's been seen off and on in Amber for about the past century. Over the past two years Walter has been making his mark in metaphysical matters. He has become known as a skilled alchemist, a daring man of experimentation, and heir to Karm's fabled temper. He's even gone as far as declare Vendetta on Prince Caine.
A member of the Karm family. Lilith's half-brother. He is something of an engineer, miner, and metallurgist. Recentlty returned from Begma, where he has spent most of his life.


Formerly the Captain of the Upper City Watch and once married to Walter. Always a skilled blacksmith and tattoo artist. Now believed dead.
From her humble beginnings as Proprietress of the Gilded Steel Smithy, Cyndre has risen to the ranks of Knight-Major in Prince Benedict's Bodyguard, Marquessa of Dragonspire Pass with the patronage of the Crown for her smithy. She openly claims to be driven by a desire to honor those who helped her in those early years in Amber, even after her family and homeland were lost to the Black Road. To formalize her dedication to the House, she became a Bondsman of Karm, and was shortly after granted the honor of being Seneschal of Karm.
Born and raised at the Hasp, Jorge served for a time among the time Rangers of Arden before being called by Karm to serve as Head Alchemist at one of the mines in Cibola. Recently called back due to a curse suffered in the Jungles.


Became Duke Karm through a Pathi-style marriage contract to then Duchess, Lilith. That seems to have ended with Benedict's abdication, making Bleys the Regent in Oberon's name.
Dirk is the biological son of Prince Caine and was openly renounced by his Highness. Shortly after, he was adopted by his Uncle, Prince Gerard. He is staying at Karm for a time while searching for direction in his life.
Brother to Karm's Bondswoman and Seneschal, Cyndre, and opposite in many ways - male to her female, ice to her fire - Eis' whereabouts are currently unknown.
Duchess of Karm, via marriage to Gilgamesh
Widow of Bannon Karm, former Duke of the House. Mother to Alasdair and Markand.
Phoebe claims to be the daughter of Bleys and the Princess Regent of Amber. If appearance is any guide the former is likely to be true, while the latter — well, perhaps she's a little odd? Is/Was staying in Karm. Status with the House after Bleys moved on to the Regency, unknown.


Do you really want to be on this list? If so just let Cyndre or Gilgamesh know about it!!
:Caine : A few years ago, a House Vendetta was declared against Prince Caine by Vosah and Walter, but the reality of the situation is much more complex, given the relationship between Caine and a former Duchess of Karm. For the first time in memory, Karms are divided on a vendetta.


Bastard brother of Vosah, Ivor is actually the older of the two by a few years, but was born before their parents were wed. Ivor was publically recognized by the family soon after, though rumor has it that he has removed himself from the succession. He has been seen in Amber from time to time and was reportedly a student in Pathi though there might have been some scandal there. He has been travelling the Golden Circle for the last four to five decades and has only recently returned to Amber.
Used to secure a trade agreement between House Karm and King Lothian of Lyonesse, Kasabian has spent the last 20 years as King Lothian's guest. His guest stay is now at an end and he has returned to Amber.
Former Duchess of Karm, during the tenure of which she was married to Prince Bleys of Amber. Their contract seems at an end, and Lilith's whereabouts are unknown.
Markand is a young son of Fiona and a (now deceased) Karm noble by the name of Bannon - only a few decades beyond his second century. However, he is a voracious scholar and philosopher, greatly interested in the properties of reality and the differences between Shadows and Amber. He is not particularly political, but extremely enthusiastic, and prone to dragging people into his rather bizarre experiments and tests of theories.
Miroslav an elder member of House Karm - the son of Carson, who is great uncle to Vosah and Ilyana. He is known to be a patient and shrewd man as well as a learned mage.
Sandor Karm was a known figure in Amber, up to twenty years or so before Oberon's disappearance. He was a rough and tumble sort of man back then, in a time where a life of danger was chosen rather than forced upon one by circumstance.
Keretama is a blooded member of Karm, young and impetuous, with an imperfect grasp of the local language. Her native language - and temperment - is Sukhoti. She tends to hit first, apologise later. She is Gilgamesh's grandaughter.
Vivrie is the daughter of a Prince of the blood and a Noblewoman of House Karm. She was raised by her mother and educated at University in Begma. With an uncanny luck and a love of games, she is mischief incarnate with a dangerously sharp mind which serves her well as Mistress of Games within the Moon Court.
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