House Karm - Plots Current and Old

Karm Plots

Here we list the various plots that have gone or are currently going on about the House. Please remember that any information listed is largely OOC, so don't use it IC unless you are or were involved, or you have been told through some IC means (another character, gossip, etc).

If you want to get involved in any running plot, please contact Cyndre or Gilgamesh in game!

Current Plots

These are the currently running plots in, about, or involving House Karm.

  • Forgotten Doors - One of Gilgamesh's non-Karm cousins stumbled into something the House was once involved in… somehow.
  • Adventure on the High Seas - Captain Aedvard Karm has been given a commission and welcomes the aid of all those seafarers (and even those just looking for adventure) to join him. The mission? To track down the dark beasts that Karm is sworn to defend against and Seal them away for the well-being of Amber itself!

Concluded/Abandoned Plots

Old plots that are done, either completed or have been abandoned for various reasons. Abandoned plots will be so marked. If you wish to revive one of those abandoned plots, see Cyndre or Gilgamesh in Game!

  • Arden Watchtowers - Please see Catriona in game, as this no longer involves the House. Karm was asked to help Arden's defenses by building Watch Towers along the length of the Black Road that cuts through Arden. The towers are built, and now they must prove their ability to defend.
  • Experimental Seals (Abandoned?) - Bleys theorizes that it should be possible to create lesser versions of Karm's Great Seals, and semi-permeable seals and weaker bindings that would allow bound creatures to be tapped for their magical powers. He is trying to get members of the House to find and bind experimental subjects, and to see if these new seals and bindings can be created. Update: There is a gift allowing sealed beings to be used, but no further research has been done since that time.
  • Shaped Gates - Bleys wants Karm to reclaim lost knowledge about the art of shaped gates. He is tracking down shaped gates in Shadow, and trying to find out what the Portafada know. He has discovered a City of Doors, a place with many strange gates. Update: The knowledge is out there now, but the City of Doors has been Sanctioned and is no longer accessible.
  • Earthquake (Catriona) - An earthquake and accompanying unearthly howl shook Karm, and the epicenter of the quake is believed to have been Karm itself, or its near vicinity. And now, another earthquake has shaken all of Amber with the same epicenter. Coincidence? Not when you consider that the Nameless One who stole Seneschal Lucius's body broke in to Karm at the same time. Update: Nothing further has been done on this.
  • Naming the Nameless One (Pascal and Cyndre) - Seneschal Lucius Karm was taken, it's true, but Karm has plans to get him back, or at least attempt it. Their quest for control over the Nameless One has taken them to the mines at Devonsbridge already, but where will it lead them next? Update: Lucius is now free of the Nameless One.
  • City of Doors - Karm has recently been trying to reclaim one of their little-known strongholds, the City of Doors. The place has been cloaked in mystery and it is said to be very difficult to find unless one is trusted member of the House. Whispers abound that they are fighting against strong supernatural forces to rebuild and retake the City, but that's what Karm's do best! Update: The City of Doors has been Sanctioned and is no longer accessible.
  • The Bulwark - Please see Catriona in Game as this no longer involves House Karm. The Bulwark was an ancient bastion of Karm's, turned into a jail to hold the most dangerous things the House had sealed. It had fallen on hard times when it was made home to the Nameless, and eventually Sanctioned. A few intrepid Karms found their way to the Bulwark but were unable to complete the rebinding in time.
  • Lost Metallurgical Secrets - The Duchy intends to try to reclaim the metallurgical secrets that Karm once possessed, that have been lost or forgotten over time. It is building an experimental foundry, and delving into the past to see what can be re-discovered, and what new secrets can be found. Update: There is a gift for crafters to access the secrets of Karm metallurgy now. Tradition dictates someone seeking this gift discover a new metalurgical secret.
  • Warding the Pattern - Benedict asked Karm to come up with a way to ward the Pattern against use by people tainted by the Black Road. Creation of the candles have been completed. Lucius and Walter created the candles necessary to ward the Pattern. Now, neither Henry, Caine, nor anyone using active Chaos Magics can cross the threshold.
  • "Curing" Caine - Caine is heavily tainted by the Black Road. Walter is creating experimental potions to try to cure him. An orderly Homunculus has been created out of this process when Caine abruptly stopped taking his treatment. Fiamme was the next guinea pig, but even she couldn't stomach the cure.
  • Wormriders of Slaagh - Karm sealed away a dangerous enemy during Eric's regency, helping Julian to slay invaders that had been sent by Bleys to attack Eric. Those invaders have recently appeared in Arden again, though. At least until they were set on fire by valiant defenders.
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