Gatekeepers dedicate themselves to the study of gate magic. It is their duty to undo the damage done to shadow by gates, and to prevent the use of this destructive craft. Gatekeepers are masters of portals, knowledgeable of shadow, and of metaphysics.


Illuminators study the magical discipline of Illuminata. This magic uses specially-prepared candles as its focus. The scope of Illuminata is broad and its power is great. Master Illuminators can walk through shadow, conjure flaming weapons, heal the sick, track and lure the supernatural.


Witchhunters are known for their battle-prowess, and tireless dedication. These hunters venture into shadow to kill or capture practitioners of foul magic, supernatural creatures, and other arcane threats to Amber. The often brief lives of Witchhunters are filled with horror, violence, and Duty. They are respected within Karm for the path they have chosen, and the courage needed to face the darkness.


Warders specialize in the creation of wards. These are used to fend off, kill, and bind foul creatures and powers. Warders specializing in Illuminata are often referred to as Illuminated Warders. They specialize in magical seals.

The Oath

Here I do swear, by blood, mouth, and heart, my loyalty to House Karm.
I swear to obey my Duty, my House, and my King.
I shall hold a flame to the light, and banish the Darkness wherever it is found.
I shall destroy That Which Threatens the safety of Amber, and All.
I shall lock away That Which Must be Sealed.

I am bastion against the Dark.
I shall defend House, Kingdom and All against it.

I am the lock upon the door.
I shall guard it, steadfast.

I am the blood of Karm.
By it I swear, and by it I am bound.

Until death take me,
And all worlds end.

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