Welcome to Karm!

We Are The Lock


House Karm is a noble house in the MUSH - Road To Amber. Feel free to read about the noble houses of Amber here.

On the surface, House Karm is a Great House of Amber. It is known for its violent history and penchant for Vendetta, as well as its practicality. Its face is that of the builder, engineer, smith, craftsman, and miner. Its wealth is great, but in Amber it is more often a patron than owner.

Beneath that exterior is a bloodline tied to potent - sometimes too potent - mysteries and magic. Their motto exemplifies the core of its Duty. Karm is sworn to lock away that which is too dangerous to be allowed loose, thus protecting Amber from supernatural monstrosities, eldritch devices, and all manner of metaphysical threats that could bring harm to the great nation. It is a Sacred Duty that Karm is proud to uphold. They are sentinels, hunters, and bastions of light against the dark.

The mystical is second nature to Karm. Their magics are that of Gate Magic, with which they fight fire with fire and seek to halt the threat Gates pose to the universe. Illuminata, used to reveal as well as Seal away. And Alchemy, which Karm practicality puts to purpose with incredible efficacy.

For all of its power, Karm is a mere shadow of what it once was. Like many noble houses, it has lost much to the vagaries time. Many dangers, secrets, and powers lie in darkness, awaiting discovery.

Welcome to House Karm.

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