The Duchy

What is the Duchy?

This is the office of the duke or duchess of Karm. It consists of the Duchess/Duke, and their immediate appointed officials, whether this be formal or informal confidantes and associates. The leaders of the Preservers, Illuminators, and military ventures all report directly to the Office of the Duchy. They are also the public face and voice for the House as a whole.

The present Duke is Gilgamesh Jackson Karm, son of Adellaine Karm and Prince Gerard of Amber.
The Seneschal of Karm is Cyndre.

Public Record - This is just the listing for RTA at present.

Recent heads of the Duchy:

  • Vosah Karm - Duke since Corwin's ascension to the throne, handing the reins to his distant cousin, Lilith
  • Lilith Karm - A former liaison with Weirmoken, she stepped into the role of duchess.
  • Prince Bleys - Married Lilith shortly after Benedict's ascension to the throne, and was duke for the term of their Pathi-style marriage contract, which ended when Bleys became Regent.
  • Catriona - Ascended when Bleys became Regent, lost all memories after an abduction in the City of Doors and has since stepped down.
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