Vosah Karm is part of a bloodline meant to stabilize relations between the crown of Amber, House Karm of Amber, and relations with Pathi after the falling out with Clarissa's divorce from Oberon. The son of Vosannah Karm and Whiteshane Alexander, Vosah received a classical education in Pathi, including a brief stint in the Custos academy before he was thrown out, while holding none of the traditional trappings that come from position in the isolated shadow. Karm was always his title and his full blood, and Amber always his ultimate allegience.

Vosah's half-sister Ilyana died in a shipping accident shortly after the Black Road war started, and afterwords he has been a bit reclusive. More often than normal, he has descended into Pathi to study, to learn of things that might be relevant for the conflict to come.

For those who are aware of him from his time in Pathi, Vosah has always had an edge when dealing with the reclusive sorcerers, having disdain for their ways and the belief that they lack responsibility given the power and knowledge that is in their charge. As a result, Karm has always been willing to assist Pathi under Vosah's rule, but the Duchy has never relied on Pathi to take care of matters regarding witch hunting, gate keeping or the Reliquary. The sole exception is a private Library Vosah keeps sealed in Pathi, where information he views too dangerous to be kept in Amber outside of the Reliquary is kept.

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