You should never trust doorways; they're bastardy things that only wait to trick you with what's on the other side. And it's not always the room you want once you open that door. Sometimes it's a crazy woman wielding a ritual dagger and chanting. I should know. My name is Karm. Walter Karm. Witch-hunter. Gatekeeper. Occasional alchemist.


Walter has recently selected the seal he uses for his Karm workings. It is that of the halfpipe wave.

Walter seems to be gaining something of a reputation in mystical circles as the alchemist to go to. He seems willing to push the boundaries of sanity to achieve his goal. Most recently it's been rumored he has perfected an elixir to transmute himself into a phoenix. The Quintessence is a joint venture between Karm and Feldane (Artemus specifically) where he can be found in the lab more often than not.

And through some means of cruel fate, Vivrie has become one of his apprentices. He recently married Lamiria in a quiet ceremony.

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